In this episode, the Roth Lobdow Center faces Sigma Corp for one final showdown.

Cast List:

Narrator - Lee Pace
Dr. Lionel Rickets - Maynard James Keenan
Katie Reed - Brynn Langford
Savannah Roth - Kim DeJesus
Morgan - Peter Stickles
Senator Jackson Carlisle - Chris McKenna
Miriam - Tiffany Sheppis
Henry - Tim Ransom
Samuel Igwe - Mark Berry
Kirby - Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
John Kinsler - Denis O'Hare
Vivian Lobdow - Callie Schuttera
Sigma Corp Assistant - Brynn Langford
Nora Lang - Martha Gehman

Written by Conor Patrick Hogan.

Directed, Edited, and Produced by Alex Aldea and Victor Figueroa.

Music composed by Alex Aldea and Andrew Joslyn.

Foley and Sound Design: Victor Figueroa and Alex Aldea.

Here is the script.

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